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Designing a Custom Storage Shed is Easier Than You Think

Building a storage shed from scratch is an excellent solution for storing and protecting outdoor items or creating a work space.  However, building one from scratch entails much different process than building one from a good prefabricated kit.  This is why a shed building plan is vital to your project, and a good one can eliminate some of the guesswork and fear that amateur DIYers may have.

Step 1 – Educate Yourself on Local Regulations

Before you can pick a plan, the first thing to do is figure out whether or not you need to get a zoning permit for building your storage shed.  In most of the states, a building permit is required if your storage shed is 120 square feet or larger.  Make sure that you check with the local zoning rules as well as a local building inspector before you finalize your ideas for construction.

Step 2 – Choose a Location in Your Yard

Now you’ll need to choose the perfect location for your storage shed.  Your shed should be built on level ground and positioned for easy access to your work space or garage. You should definitely avoid building your custom storage shed above pipes or underground cables because it will make repairing them more costly.

Step 3 – Create Your Storage Shed Plan

Choose the right shed plan that suits your needs before you go about purchasing the materials.  Estimate how much room you will need to house your equipment or to create a new work space for any future projects that you may have.  There are plenty of DIY home shed plans out there that you can use.  Choosing a good shed plan is just as crucial as having one at all.  Unfortunately, not all of them will make the building process as painless as possible.

The first thing to look for in a good plan is whether or not it provides you views of all the storage shed angles and details.  It’s important to know what everything will look like as you’re building; some steps might only make sense with visual aids to help.  Dimensional drawings are also a great visual aid that a perfect plan might include.  Which brings up the next important point.  All the steps in your storage shed plan should be as clear and concise as possible.  This project doesn’t need to beyond the skills of an amateur builder, but it can easily become too difficult if the directions aren’t easy to follow.

Your materials list should also be clear and precise, with everything you included, as well as specific measurements for each individual piece.  It’s important to be able to gather your materials all at once to streamline your building process.  This is obviously impossible without full, accurate storage shed plans from the beginning.  Each item in your kit should also state what it will be used for in your project.  This little bit of clarification can make all the difference when it comes time to assemble pieces.

Step 4 – Gather All Your Materials

Now is the time to gather all of the materials that you need based on the plan you have chosen.  Your specific plan should have a complete list, so there are no delays in your project.  There are just a few basic tools you should need.  Also, make sure to have such things as protective eyewear and work gloves.

Step 5 – Follow Your Step-By-Step Shed Plan

Now you can build your custom storage shed from the ground up.  Starting with the foundation, follow your shed plan instructions exactly as outlined.  If you’ve picked the correct storage shed plans, assembling of your frame, walls,  and roof should not be hard.  Take special care to be sure there are no leaks and holes that might cause precipitation to get in.

Step 6 – Final Suggestions

Paint your shed as you see fit and use a weather sealant to finish it off.   Be sure to use paint and weather sealant that reflects dirt, water, and bugs.  Hopefully, now you are prepared to build your storage shed to your desired specifications and satisfaction.

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