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The Benefits of Installing Siding on Your Home

Vinyl siding is a lower in cost alternative to other siding materials like aluminum and wood.  It has a variety of options to choose from and is low maintenance.  It can also help reduce your energy costs significantly and now carries a certified green product designation.

Vinyl siding has a great advantage over other siding choices visually because you can design it to look like just about anything.  There are a large variety of colors and styles available, so it will not be hard to find what you are looking for.  Since the color is blended into the vinyl itself, every color is as rich as possible and won’t show scratches easily.  When shopping for siding, don’t be surprised if you are shown as many as 700 standard colors. You can also ask about custom colors as well.  Vinyl can also be made to look like different materials because it’s molded at the manufacturer’s site it.

Vinyl siding is very low maintenance, but it does need cleaning at times. Cleaning is usually done with your garden hose and will keep normal dust and dirt from accumulating.  If mold and other heavier build-up is apparent, a soft-bristled brush along with a gentle cleaning solution will get the job done.  When scrubbing, start at the bottom of the siding and work your way up to avoid wet dirt from running down and drying on the siding.  Then rinse the siding, starting at the top making sure to get in smaller areas.  Be sure to rinse your siding immediately after scrubbing to avoid stains from your cleaning solution.

One of the best ways to make your home more comfortable and save money on your utility costs is to improve its energy efficiency by installing insulation.  However, insulating the wall cavities and ceilings of your home isn’t always enough, as heat can escape through the wall studs and other framing, thereby wasting energy and money through a phenomenon known as the “thermal bridging” effect.  Insulated vinyl siding can help eliminate this problem and reduce your energy costs.

Insulated siding is vinyl siding with rigid foam insulation laminated or permanently attached to the panel.  This type of vinyl siding is recognized as a form of “continuous insulation,” or insulation that is installed on the exterior of the building to help reduce the energy lost through framing or other building materials.

Vinyl siding and insulated vinyl siding, comes with a product certification that is administered by an independent, accredited quality control agency.  This agency ensures that the product and its colors meet or exceed the national consensus standards for the product category.  They also have a certified installer program that is validated by an independent, third-party administrator to ensure that installers demonstrate the knowledge of industry-accepted application techniques.

The installation of vinyl siding will be at a minimum, 50% less of what the other kinds of siding materials will cost you.  Additionally, the government is currently offering tax benefits for home improvements that are green and help the environment.  So, with all these benefits wouldn’t it be wise to at least call and get an estimate of what it cost for your home?  Make your appointment today and start benefiting from the long term energy savings you will be enjoying over the life of your home.

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