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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows Could Save You Hundreds On Your Utility Bill

Thanks to a little-known government program, middle-class homeowners used to get tax credits to install new energy efficient windows.  That tax incentive program was canceled by the United States government and no longer exists.  Millions of Americans would love to change their old windows and limit their expenses.  You can keep your costs down by doing some savvy price shopping.   The people who do some research for replacement windows can save themselves hundreds of dollars per year like those who took advantage of the tax breaks.

Energy-Efficient Window Basics

Energy efficient replacement windows dramatically reduce your home’s energy consumption and are excellent for the environment.  The replacement windows you may purchase at your local big box hardware store are not energy-efficient.  Installing ENERGY STAR qualified windows lowers your energy bills and can save you money over regular single and double paned, clear-glass windows.   Some of those stores sell ENERGY STAR windows just make sure that you look at the rating.  ENERGY STAR windows can save you up to $600 per year on your utility bill.  These windows save you money by reducing the transfer of cool air and heat from inside your home to the outside of your home reducing the cost of your energy bill.  Windows are essential in preventing the loss of energy in your home.

The energy that escapes from your home through your windows represents your biggest energy loss.  Installing energy efficient replacement windows offer you long-term savings that will help offset your initial investment.  You get to help the environment and save thousands of dollars on your energy bill for your home for the next 15 to 20 years or longer.    This is a serious score for you as a homeowner!  Don’t delay in ordering your energy-efficient windows.  The government could stop giving away these tax credits at any time.

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